Crosscut Talks

Covering the Trump White House

July 9, 2019

The life of a White House correspondent has changed dramatically in the last few years. From early-morning tweets to alternative facts to the outright vilification of the news media, President Donald Trump has upended the conventions of Washington, and that’s presented new challenges for journalists whose job it is to make sense of it all. For this episode of Crosscut Talks we listen in on a panel of correspondents and columnists who have covered the White House and have some thoughts on just how much things have changed and what it now takes to get at the truth. Featuring Associated Press reporter Darlene Superville, National Affairs columnist John Fund, and both Ashley Parker and Philip Rucker of the Washington Post. Words Matter Media founder and CEO Adam Levine moderated the conversation.

Note: Technical difficulties during the recording of this episode resulted in uneven audio quality.