Crosscut Talks

How Republicans Plan to Take Back Power in Olympia

July 30, 2019

Washington generally is thought of as a very blue state. It's been decades since voters here elected a Republican governor or U.S. senator, and the state has long been considered a lock for whichever Democrat happens to be running for president. Democrats also currently have the majority in both houses of the state Legislature. But with another gubernatorial race around the corner, Republican leaders are gearing up for a potential shift. For this episode of Crosscut Talks, we gathered a panel of Republican heavyweights from the region to discuss changes in the party and its future in Washington state. This conversation features former state Attorney General Rob McKenna; Center for Latino Leadership Executive Director Maia Espinoza; Washington Secretary of State Kim Wyman; and state House Republican leader J.T. Wilcox. It was recorded May 4, 2019, at Seattle University as part of the Crosscut Festival.